my friend did my makeup, Hi I’m Conchita Wurst
A picture from magalluf. Really enjoyed myself
I like it when my friends are happy
Roomie selfie 2 
This is me and my mama at the circus ball last Saturday
I’m not sure how to caption this picture
Have you met my roomie? 
Sometimes I regret cutting my fringe, like today. 
I just took another awesome selfie, from my art project.
I’m doing stages of the state of my mind for art during the day, and i take pictures of myself. and then use a colour to say how i feel along with the time. 
Turns out i like this picture. 
the selfie game is strong. 
naked selfies are the best selfies. 
just thought i’d add this picture of my friends art project. I am made to look like twiggy. 
I am my own man
The edited selfie game is strong